M&A-Gespräche mit Kunden über den Unternehmensverkauf

Negotiation planning, support and controlling

Erfolgreiche Verhandlungen durch optimale Planung und Verhandlungstechnik

Negotiation planning, support and controlling

Punktuelle Unterstützung in schwierigen Verhandlungssituationen bei M&A-Mandaten

Negotiation planning, support and controlling

Arnd Allert in einer Besprechung zum Thema Distressed-M&A

Negotiation planning, support and controlling

Darstellung von finanzwirtschaftlichen Grafiken

Negotiation planning, support and controlling


With so much on the line, you can’t afford to go without them.


What’s the right approach?


What’s needed?


Carrying through successfully


Successful negotiations through optimal planning and negotiating techniques


How often have you sat at a negotiating table with partners who think differently than you, have their own goals and are experienced negotiators through a variety of transactions? Even as an experienced negotiator in your own business, you should not underestimate the emotional component of M&A transactions.


What is standard for many of our clients can also be requested as a service from us: We offer ad hoc assistance with difficult negotiation situations!


This may take the form of risk analyses conducted in the background, overall planning of negotiating campaigns, negotiating strategies and negotiating tactics or providing a mediator. Or by joining you at the negotiating table.






Allert & Co.
  • You draw on the extensive experience we have gained over the years from hundreds of complex negotiating situations
  • As “counterpart“ to your intuition and emotions, we offer you a range of instruments for analysing negotiations - everything from BATNA/ZOPA/ Reservation-Price/Walk-away-point analyses to elements of game theory

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Kreisdiagramm zur Entwicklung der Akquisition nach Erwerb eines Mandats
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How many rounds of negotiations does it take on average for you to go from the initial draft of a transaction agreement to signing?