Durchführung einer Analyse zur erfolgversprechendste Handlungsoption beim Unternehmensverkauf

Strategic Option Analysis

Polichronis Nestoras zertfifierter Untenehmensbewerter nach EACVA

Strategic Option Analysis

Auszuege finanzwirtschaftlicher Analysen

Strategic Option Analysis

Überlegungen zu strategischen Optionen beim Unternehmensverkauf
Darstellung von finanzwirtschaftlichen Grafiken

Strategic Option Analysis

Arnd Allert und Matthias Popp in einer Besprechung zum Thema M&A-Verhandlungen

Strategic Option Analysis


With so much on the line, you can’t afford to go without them.


“Somehow” is never the right way to go

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What are the options?


What is the most promising course of action?


Turn facts into figures

Companies are essentially living organisms in a continually changing environment. Which is why they are governed by a constantly recurring life cycle.


Once a company reaches a crossroad, it’s both vital and helpful to analyse the situation holistically and to evaluate every strategic option. More and more often, the disposal of parts of a company or the entire company is being considered as a strategic option.


Keep in mind: Not every potential option is actually feasible. Before implementing a strategy, it first needs to be evaluated for its practicability, in order to manage the expectations of all stakeholders.


In order to provide a solid foundation for what is often a far-reaching, once in a lifetime decision for most medium-sized enterprises, Allert & Co. is there to provide you with planning, analysis and advisory services. Our transaction recommendation complements the theoretical foundation.

So you’re able to make the right decision.






Allert & Co.
  • What alternatives are there for achieving your goals?
  • Was are realistic, achievable values? Is it possible to measure these goals in monetary terms?
  • What is the monetary value of each of the options and what their probabilities of success?
  • Feasibility Study
  • Monte-Carlo Simulations

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