Vertraulichkeitsvereinbarung zwischen Unternehmen und Banken

Allert & Co. for Banks

Matthias Popp stellt dem Projektteam das neue M&A-Mandat vor

Allert & Co. for Banks

M&A-Gespräch zu strategischen Fragen im Umfeld von Kredit-Engagements

Allert & Co. for Banks

M&A-Berater in einem Gespräch zum Verkauf eines Unternehmens

Allert & Co. for Banks

M&A-Gespräche zum Austausch von Bankfinanzierungen durch Eigenkapitalpartner

Allert & Co. for Banks

Extensive Experience

We quickly grasp complex situations

Every Perspective

We combine a point of view with practical solutions

Alternative Approaches

We find answers for complex questions

Solid Ratings

We calculate realistic and attainable figures


Consultation on complex questions

We are a reliable advisor to banks acting as service provider for their medium-sized customers. At Allert & Co. we bring together the experience of business people, analysts, banking and financial practitioners.


We provide support for strategic issues in the field of credit exposure. With our experience as valuation and corporate finance professionals or as M&A advisors we will find answers and solutions for complex situations for you.






Allert & Co.
  • Does it make sense to sell a company right now, and if so, under what conditions?
  • Is the enterprise value sufficient to cover the amount of credit provided?
  • Exchange of bank financing through equity partners by way of an investor process
  • Bolstering the equity component by adding equity investors

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