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Allert & Co. for entrepreneurs

Mandantenakquisition auf dem Allert & Co. Kaminabend

Allert & Co. for entrepreneurs

Arnd Allert in einem Gespräch zum Thema M&A-Verhandlungen

Allert & Co. for entrepreneurs

Strategiebesprechung für anstehende M&A-Transaktion

Allert & Co. for entrepreneurs

M&A-Gespräche auf dem Allert & Co. Kaminabend

Allert & Co. for entrepreneurs


What would be your ideal vision?


How can you realize which goals?


Common definition of the procedures


Finding the best solution and the best partner


Responsibility for life's work

Especially for medium-sized entrepreneurs, their company is synonymous with a spectrum of values: Lifetime achievement, family, wealth, investment, social responsibility and reputation are just to name a few.


We know about these values and handle them carefully. We are here for you - as a bank-independent and value-oriented financial advisor that can not only deal with money but also in values.






Allert & Co.
  • Business succession
  • Sales in economic difficulties and growth situations
  • Growth Financing
  • Minority Stake
  • Make or Buy Decisions
  • Business Valuation
  • Acquisitions and Purchases

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