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Welcome to Allert & Co. We are here to help you!

Allert & Co. is one of the leading consulting companies for value-oriented corporate transactions in the SME sector.  We look forward to your visit and are gladly here for you with our experience in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and our philosophy.

With more than 100 sustainably successful transactions, we have been in demand as a consultant for companies and entrepreneurs for more than 15 years. Here you can find out more about us and our work.

Discrete care and value-oriented action
that gets you further.


Long-standing success

The success of our work is always based on the ability to listen and find solutions.

Experienced Partner

Experience is not a value in itself - but it proves to be helpful when quick action is needed.


Confidentiality and discretion are not just good old virtues - they are the foundation of our success.


We take a lot of responsibility. This is not "somehow" - it is only with a clear focus on goals.


We are a well-rehearsed team ourselves - we also see ourselves as a team player in the interaction with the client.


Value orientation is based not only on monetarily measurable values, but above all, on social values.

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Here we regularly introduce you to new and sometimes old, sometimes out-of-fashion, and yet important topics and thoughts that we consider important, interesting or worth considering. Keep coming back to us. It’s worth it…

Kreisdiagramm mit den Positionen der Beteiligten bei einer M&A-Transaktion

How does "the market" currently think - and what is important to whom?

With Allerts Monitor we measure developments in the OTC transaction area in SMEs - stay up-to-date

Allerts Monitor

Allert & Co. Team-Meeting nach erfolgreicher Unternehmensrettung auf dem Dachgarten in Mannheim

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You want to know which people and what experiences are behind the brand Allert & Co.? We would like to briefly introduce ourselves...

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